Tools are awesome.  Customized tools solve business problems

Every Company is unique.

Goals, revenue stream. leadership, values, We create unique tools for a variety of applications.

  • Employment Branding:  Video, Custom Content, Value Proposition Development, Employee Voice Development, Distribution and Marketing Strategy

  • Talent Acquisition:  Tools that enhance experience and ensure compliance, building an engine and refining the funnel, developing an deploying a strategy (social, web, content, programs, etc.)

  • Leadership Development:  Completely customized leadership models from management 101 to leading leaders.  Aligning to the values and purpose of the organization to reach goals.

  • Internal Communication:  Voice, Plan, Deployment, Content, Execution, Vehicles

  • Engagement or eNPS:  Measuring and defining the biggest pain points for attrition and roadblocks of engagement.  Working beside leadership to curate strategies to test programs and tools in small groups and measure results before full scale deployment.

  • People Operations Metrics:  Defining lead measures and tangible metrics that tie directly to business outcomes.  Developing dashboards for ongoing pulse checks.

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