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Stacie Mallen


My whole life I have been different.  Raised by my grandparents in the middle of Indiana, I spent more time barefoot and dirty than any kid I knew.  My life was split between an apple orchard, Lake Tippecanoe, a suburb just north of Indianapolis, a chicken farm in Georgia and Glendale Arizona.  These experiences allowed me to understand and really observe people and culture.  Because I wasn't "normal" I also wore "rebellious" like a badge of honor.  Headstrong and driven.  Working three jobs from 16 years old I had a unique ability to connect with people quickly and understand what was driving the business early.  

These experiences landed me in the world of people. culture and company building.  Starting in 1999, when I joined my first start-up based out of Sunnyvale, CA, I fell in love with the chaos and diversity of high growth business.  Listening to the sage advice of my parents who felt I needed "real" experience, I survived a tour of duty at a Fortune 50 company.  In this role, I was provided the opportunity to drive employment brand, talent acquisition, and tech implementation for an enterprise organization with over 100 recruiters.

Flash forward, having built10 plus high growth organizations by partnering with a diverse group of leaders through a variety of industries.  Now reflected in writing, speaking, coaching and consulting, I look to seek out companies and leaders who are ready to put people first IN ORDER TO drive their business.  Those who walk the walk. Who make short term business sacrifices in the recognition of their responsibility as leaders.  These leaders understand that long term business success is a marathon of upward momentum fostered through people not while sacrificing them.

Ask yourself about your legacy.  Is it the business you have built or those people whose lives you have touched?  If your answer is BOTH, join the rebellion, for you are already living THE REBEL CODE.

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