Crack the Code.


Consulting Focus.

There are six key factors we evaluate to understand the major roadblocks and strengths of high growth organizations.  It is never too early to identify areas of focus.  We start with an evaluation.  From there, how to tackle these challenges is different for every organization.

The Rebel Code is about increasing innovation, speed and translating into revolutionary results.

The Rebel Code is based on:

Moving Fast

Being Direct

Building Trust

Connecting Deeply

Fostering Autonomy

Delivering Results

After Evaluation, we deliver a TheCode Dashboard that provides insight into areas of risk that directly impact business results and KPIs:

  • Sales Revenue (ARR, MRR, Gross, Net)

  • Net Profit Margin

  • Customer Retention and Churn

  • Annual Spend

  • Revenue per FTE

  • Cost of Customer Acquisition

  • MQL

In this dashboard we correlate business results to potential drivers and/or root cause elements related to the People in the business.  The output it a prioritized snapshot of potential project opportunities in the following areas:

  • Values, Behaviors and Purpose Alignment

  • Talent Acquisition Branding, Process and Pipeline Development

  • Employee Engagement, Alignment and eNPS

  • Skill Development and Internal Knowledge Growth (industry, technology, etc)

  • Leadership Development, Management Skills

  • Compensation 

  • Succession and Performance Optimization

Where We Start.

Coaching Up.


Each engagement is customized as every business has different challenges and strengths, contact us for an initial evaluation.  We work with internal teams (People Ops, HR, Communications, Strategic Planning, etc) to develop and execute project work or work with leadership to deliver results.


There is NOTHING better than growing MORE talent to work in People Operations.  We coach your internal team as a long term resource.  This service includes materials that match our methodology, partner for internal challenges, walk through project planning, etc.  This creates a long term solution for the business and creates real internal partnership.

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